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“North Korea: Witness to Transformation,” a blog under the Petersen Institute for International Economics, wrote two posts regarding American detentions and abductions in North Korea. The blog, which is written by distinguished observers of North Korea, refers to David Sneddon as a possible case of North Korean abduction. In June 2014, Stephan Haggard writes,

“A North Korean defector who had previously provided reliable information to the group [National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea] had obtained Chinese security documents indicating that a 23- or 24-year-old American was arrested in Yunnan province on charges of helping illegal residents—which could have included North Koreans in transit—and that he ended up in the hands of five North Korean secret agents.”

Marcus Noland, another highly respected economist, also makes mention of the growing body of evidence surrounding a possible abduction of David Sneddon in his November 2014 article.

Click on the links below for the full articles.

Slave to the Blog: Detentions and Abductions Edition

Slave to the Blog: China-ROK, Russia-DPRK, Japan-DPRK, Swiss secrecy, Captives and a Correction

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Joint Delegation Letter

On October 20, 2014, a joint delegation of United States senators and congressmen from Utah and Nebraska sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry. The letter encouraged Secretary Kerry to investigate the disappearance of David Sneddon, especially considering the more recent information regarding a possible abduction by North Korea. The letter is signed by Senators Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch, Mike Johanns, Deb Fischer, and Representatives Chris Stewart, Rob Bishop, Jason Chaffetz, Jim Matheson, Jeff Fortenberry, Lee Terry, and Adrian Smith.


UT-NE Delegation Sneddon Letter-FINAL-1 UT-NE Delegation Sneddon Letter-FINAL-2UT-NE Delegation Sneddon Letter-FINAL-3

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Interview with KETV News Watch 7, Omaha

David Sneddon’s story aired on KETV News Watch 7 in Omaha, Nebraska. David’s parents, Roy and Kathleen, were interviewed, as well as his older brother, Michael. The story gives a brief summary of the information contained in Outsider Magazine article, and also details the efforts of the Sneddon family, and KETV7, to reach out to the U.S. State Department. The following link provides video and transcript of the news story.

A decade later, family continues search for missing son

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