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Here are some of the articles that have been written about David’s disappearance.  His disappearance relates to human rights abuses created by China’s forced repatriation of North Korean refugees intercepted in China:

Thursday, April 25 2013 – North Korea’s Kidnappers and the Fate of David Sneddon

Sunday, May 20 2012                                                                                                       –  Review Outlook_ North Korea’s Gulag – WSJ com

Friday, May 18 2012                                                                                                      – Melanie Kirkpatrick_ China vs North Korea’s Refugees – WSJ com

Sunday, May 15 2011
Fox News Video: Kidnapped in North Korea

Monday, November 30 2009
Mormon Times: Family hopeful for BYU student missing 5 years in China
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Monday, January 10
BYU Newsnet – Daily Universe: Parents refuse to give up hope
Salt Lake Tribune: Parents stay optimistic for missing son
Provo Daily Herald: Parents cling to hope missing son still alive in China

Sunday, January 9
Deseret News: Theories abound on missing Y. student
KSL News: Family Holds Out Hope for Son Missing in China
KSL-TV: Family Asks for Help in Finding Missing BYU Student

Friday, January 7
Deseret News: Is China detaining Y. student?

Monday, September 27
BYU Newsnet – Daily Universe: Family has hopes son is still alive

Wednesday, September 22
Lincoln Journal Star: Family Calls Off Search for Student in China
KSL-TV: Student Still Missing in China, Parents Return Home
KTVX: Family Calls Off Search For BYU Student Missing in China
The Herald Journal: Family still hopeful after unsuccessful search in China

Tuesday, September 21
KSL-TV: Family Calls Off Search for Missing Student
KTVX-TV: Family Calls Off Search For BYU Student Missing in China
KUTV: Family Calls Off Search for BYU Student Missing in China
Provo Daily Herald: Family not able to find missing son near Tibet
Omaha World Herald: Search ends for Nebraska native who was hiking in China
BYU Newsnet: Family calls off search for BYU student missing in China

Monday, September 20
KSL-TV: Family Continues Search for Son in China
KSL-TV: Family Searches For Missing Son in China

Saturday, September 18
Deseret News: Family tracks student to Tibet

Wednesday, September 15
BYU Newsnet – Daily Universe: Family of missing student following new leads in China

Tuesday, September 14
Lincoln Journal Star: Family has faith they’ll find son

Sunday, September 12
BYU Newsnet – Daily Universe: BYU student missing in China

Saturday, September 11
Salt Lake Tribune: Still no sign of BYU student missing in China for a month

Friday, September 10
KUTV: BYU Student Missing in China
KUTV: BYU Student Missing in China
KSL-TV: Parents go to China to Look for Missing Student Son
KSL-Radio: BYU Student Missing in China
Deseret News: BYU student vanishes in China
Provo Daily Herald: BYU student missing in China
KTVX: BYU Student Missing in China

Thursday, September 9
KSL-TV: Family Hopeful in Search of Son Missing in China
KSL-TV: Brigham Young Student Missing in China

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